an unofficial UK DDR (+ other arcade rhythm games) guide!

Hi, I'm TROUT?!, the webmaster of this site :)

For a long time now, as an arcade rhythm game fan in the UK, I've been bothered by the lack of resources for our region, as most focus either on Japan or the US.
Since I was usually the one penning down the basics for my friends, and I love love love making websites and fansites, I thought I'd gather everything here!

This site is mostly for players who already know the basics of these games, but want some more info focused on playing them in the UK. I might make a beginner's guide eventually :)

See down below for current updates! Thanks for visiting & happy playing!!

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recent updates:
HIII EVERYONE! i promise troutsite is still being worked on and loved !!!
but actually, troutsite should be migrating at some point hopefully, and either then or before then, TROUTSITE 2.0 will happen !!!!!! im gonna polish up the interface, implement the sister site, and make those changes i promised before ^_^;;
thank you for keeping on checking in with me~ love, TROUT?!