an unofficial UK DDR (+ other arcade rhythm games) guide!

Hi :) I'm TROUT?!!
well, really, it's confusing. TROUT?! now refers to me, the real guy; TROUT?!, my DDR username and mascot; and also this website - which is why i've started calling it the TROUTSITE!

TROUT?! came about when I first registered my account on the projectflower network, and needed a good username lest i died. TROUT?! the character was born from that, a sort of DDR OC and sort of mascot.

When I'm not playing DDR (or reading about it, or writing about it...) I'm probably playing any other rhythm game, honestly. but when i'm not doing that, i'm figure-collecting, watching mecha anime and listening to vocaloid!
being a vocaloid fan really goes hand-in-hand with being a rhythm game fan, huh...

sonic from the 2006 sonic game wagging his finger at the camera. a picture of light yagami from death note, and the text: 'just according to keikaku'. this is in reference to the infamous fansub author's note reading 'keikaku means plan'. a small forum-style emoticon typing on a computer. the text above and below it reads: 'i swear i'll logout in 5 minutes.' a ddr pad lighting up, with the text 'ddr fan! Hatsune Miku with her arms outstretched, with her name in the bottom right. a closeup of Lain's face from Serial Experiments Lain, with the text: '.Lain' an image of Emu Otori from Project Sekai, with her name written next to her. the text 'Tetris', with the pieces from the game scrolling across the image above it.

a digital drawing of TROUT?!. he is a fishlike humanoid with slick, shoulder-length hair, and diamond-shaped irises. he is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt underneath a cropped button-up, goggles on his head, a miniskirt, and fishnet thigh-highs and gloves.

more stuff about me :)
me and my mascot both use mainly he/him pronouns! yes we're both feminine-presenting!

if you're also on the projectflower network, you can usually find me under TROUT?! or TROUT (or KOI, if you're an elite scotto player like me)
i'm trying to get into playing maimai at the minute -_- a fruitless task

i am also into j-fashion, and with a mix of that, figure-collecting, and arcades, my bank account is constantly drained ; _ ; thank u neocities for the free gigabyte!!!

feel free to contact me via my e-mail at the bottom of each page! i'll be happy to chat about anything related to this site or fix any mistake you've pointed out from there or give you my discord user :)