an unofficial UK DDR (+ other arcade rhythm games) guide!

Welcome to TROUT?! IN MY DDR?!

As I said on the homepage, the TROUTSITE is a place for UK arcade rhythm games fans to gather knowledge together and help each other out!
It is also 100% hand-coded by yours truly!

For a long time, there have been concerns that DDR (and other arcade rhythm games - looking at you, Project Diva) are dying out.
And sure, I won't lie to you and say their popularity hasn't waned - but there are still huge communities that would live and die for these games, and I hope my efforts in part will help keep the DDR scene in the UK and elsewhere alive.

When I started out, I had to dig through ZIV and old youtube videos and my own courage to figure out what I was doing. I hope my site makes this a little easier on new fans - and sheds light on old ones.

What DDR and most other rhythm games look like to me, is community. I hope you can find some of that here!
I just love DanceDanceRevolution!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can probably tell what I plan to do from the scrollbar on the left. If there's a page there that is clickable, but comes up with a 404, it's probably in progress!

Originally I planned to do several indexes for each category, but I wanted to focus my efforts to usability, and I can cross that bridge when I come to it. I've got enough work on my hands as it is!

Also, there is a severe lack of DDR sites on neocities. The one focused one I found is currently on hiatus, and every other site tagged with 'DDR' is mostly hobbyists.
If you run an (arcade or otherwise) rhythm games site, let me know! I'll be happy to stick your button at the bottom of my page!

real image of TROUT?! playing DDR:
a photo of a DDR Supernova cabinet, with a picture of a flopping fish superimposed onto the dance pads.