an unofficial UK DDR (+ other arcade rhythm games) guide!

Common Machines:

a standard Dancing Stage Euromix cabinet. Here in the UK, Euromix cabs aren't a rare find at all - in fact, ZIV lists the vast majority here, while they're about as rare as a Beatmania cab for us everywhere else.

I haven't played on one of these in probably, like, 8 years, but there's a reason Extreme-style cabs in good quality are still sought after.

I'm not picky, and neither should you be, honestly!
If you have the opportunity to try out a Euromix cab, especially if you're used to the newer games, I'd say go for it.

a standard western DanceDanceRevolution X2 cabinet.
As much as I'd like to, I can't defend the western X cabs.
These cabs are known for their absolutely horrible pads - no brackets, no way to feel where you're standing (which is the main reason I love arcade pads), as it's all covered up by a gaudy metal sheet.

These cabs are playable, but barely. Unless you are lucky to stumble upon a modified cab with the overlay sheet removed or you don't have any other option, I would steer clear.

Sadly, picking and choosing is not often a luxury players in our region are afforded.

a standard DanceDanceRevolution A White cabinet, pictured in a dark games room. I haven't played on one yet, but I've heard great things about the white and gold cabs!

my favourite type of DDR cab is the japanese X2 cab. it's absolutely beautiful, and removes all of the problems of the western X cabs.

playing on this cab has ruined me forever.

a standard japanese DDR X2 cab.