an unofficial UK DDR (+ other arcade rhythm games) guide!

i am not a good coder. this is simply a fact of life.
i am self-taught and often hack things together.

but users of TROUTSITE... I am sorry.

obstacle 1: a screenshot of a discord conversation between two users. the first user, shledge, sends a screenshot of the troutsite's homepage, where all of the sections of it are small and crammed into the top left of the screen. the second user, TROUT, replies: 'guh'. shledge responds: 'I mean, it sort of looks cool in a compositional way'. TROUT says: 'are you zoomed out? or does it really look like this?'. shledge says: 'actually looks like that, but i'm using a 4K screen'.
click here or on the thumbnail to enlarge this image!
it will not open in a new tab.

on a related note, please zoom into my site if you need to.

update: [7th feb]
some accessibility updates!

update [17th feb]
more accessibility updates! (specifically alt text problems, this time)
also, creating a review page/index

update [19th feb]
review index created, expect the first few reviews soon!
BETA: test out my mobile functionality!

update [10th march]
sorry it's been a while everyone! been super busy lately.
as usual, a bunch more accessbility updates, with plans for more
plus some tweaks to the available pages!

update [23rd march] (written afterwards because i forgot lol)
finally an update to both the reviews and arcade visits page! yay !!!
my nav bar is a total pain to maintain so i'm looking into fixing up the whole site with some iframes ..
friends page created :)

update [29th march]
more updates to friends page! expect more to come
working on something big ... it'll be a while before i can implement it so be patient!
and again, thanks for reading everyone :)

my main display is in 4:3, which causes a lot of problems when i'm trying to make sites for my display on a widescreen one and vice-versa.

as you can see here:
TROUT's computer setup with the square 4 by 3 screen, surrounded by toys and other junk.

coding is just difficult, man.